What is the life's most precious?
Just saw an paragraph talked about what is the life's most precious.

The life's most precious is the experience of life itself. It really does not matter what life will take away from you.
And believe me, life is all about taking away.

Only the new born baby, when it was first born, before it took its first breath, it was complete. After the first breath, after the first inhale, it starts to lose something.

The clock starts to tick, the baby starts to lose life itself. It will go towards death at a constant pace.

That sounds gloomy, but it is not. Every one of us, when we were born, we were just a stone, a rock, a piece of ordinary hardened dirt.

Life is actually a piece of grinding stone. It started to grind away all the dirt coating us, shielding us, suffocating us, to make us real.

Life is always, always about suffering. None of us is perfect. Everyone of us suffers. From the super-rich to the dirt-poor, everyone of us is suffering. Most of the so-called happiness we experiences are just a sugar-coated bitterness.

Happiness is just a state of the mind. If you look outside of yourself, whether it is the Coach handbag you just got or the luxury ocean cruise you are about to take, they are all just sugar-coated bitterness. The moment you tasted it, it lost its lust, or it simply just dissolved into nothingness.

Even when you are at the top of the world, you thought you were about to be happy and invincible, guess what? You may already have cancer in your body, or you are about to meet an accident. Or the cruelest of all, one of your loved ones may be sick, or dying or something. The list can go on and on and on, until you are numb with fear.

And yet that paragraph I just read, triggered in my mind that "Yes! This is the truth!"

It said," You have to experience life! Only then, you life can be complete. You can lose your arms, your legs, all of your limbs, even your sight, your hearing, your taste, your speech, even lose your mind, but you have to experience your life! To be a sparkling diamond, you can never shy from the grinding stone. No matter what the life will take away from you, it is to make you sparkle. It is to make you, YOU! The unique you! The unique you can never be taken away."

Think on it! All the religions, all the teaching, all the wisdom of past, regardless of what your belief is, the truth is still the same.

Life gives you disease, life gives you unbearable pain, life gives you death. It lingers in your mind, it lingers in your sight, it lingers in your mouth. The taste that never goes away. The thoughts, the memories, the visions that never go away.

And I say to you, I can almost see you sparkle now!

The Summer is over
You can feel the chill in the wind cutting into your skin.
But the fall is not here yet. I have not seen the first fall of a single leaf.

So the season is in limbo.
A sort of neither here, nor there feeling is in the air.

A wonderful and interesting time to be alive, isn't it?

Now, before you shake your head and disagree with me, think on this:
You have the resources and access to a computer, and you have the time and patience to read my blog, you are living a wonderful and interesting life. There is no denying that.

Happiness is a state of mind, nothing more, nothing less.

My car's passenger side front tire had an interesting encounter with the sharp points of a garden rake last Sunday.

It happened in the garage.

I found that throwing a couple of empty cardboard boxes around with the cheering of a hissing deflating tire is quite ... funny.

It took me about four hours to correct the situation.

When I say I corrected the situation, what I mean is that:
1. Threw the previously mentioned throwing boxes for half hour
2. Scratched my head and walked back and forth for about half hour
3. Finally decided to take off the tire and put on the spare, only to find that Key lock-nut extension will not fit on the socket wretch provided by the car company. Half hour to find another socket wretch to fit on that and got the tire off.
4. Put on the spare and wobbled to the nearest tire store. Then found that the tire is not repairable, and the store does not carry the type of the tire.
5. Wobbled to Costco where I purchased the tire, and have to buy a new tire to match the rest of them.

The cost is not that bad. Since I bought the new tires from them, there is a warranty coverage, so it is around $35 for the replacement instead of $125 from the other store which will have to special order it.

And I learned how to change a tire in my own garage.

Lessons learned:
1. Spank the kids for leaving the rake in the garage. It really does not matter they did it or not. They are the fall guys.
2. It is great to have two fall guys instead of facing my own stupidity.
3. I have muscles that I did not previously know I had that can be so sore that I cannot sit for three days.
4. I need some exercise.
5. I don't need exercise. I need a anti-gravity car that looks great in the "Star Wars".


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